Application of LED light in painting room of paint booth


At present, the common spray booths, the more common li […]

At present, the common spray booths, the more common lighting fixtures are traditional fluorescent tubes installed in the PC board, the better is the use of explosion-proof lampshades. Electronics has developed a new type of LED lighting fixtures for painting booths using led panel lights.Our spray booth led panel light has the following advantages.

First, the lampshade of our panel lamp uses a tempered glass with a thickness of 7mm. It is really explosion-proof, so that the hammer will not be broken hard, and there is no trace of the knife.Comprehensive consideration of safety performance and ease of use and durability of cleaning.

Second, our spray booth panel lights have high color rendering. Using the paint booth of our high-color panel light, what color is the light-painting, what color is the daylight-painting, the true color performance, to ensure that the car will not look at the color in the spray booth is right, open it Color is not the same thing.

Third, our spray booth panel lights use a two-stage PFC power supply, no stroboscopic. Let the painter's master do not have an extra burden on his eyes while at work.

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