Factory lighting led lights How to choose good LED downlights for factory lighting


Factory Lighting We all know that high-power lighting e […]

Factory Lighting We all know that high-power lighting equipment is needed. Because of its large space, if low-power LED downlights or incandescent lamps are installed, it is not only costly, but also the lighting effect is not particularly good. So now more factories choose to use high-power LED downlights, so how should we choose a good LED downlight?
How to choose a good LED downlight for factory lighting
With the emergence of more and more LED downlight manufacturers, customers are increasingly worried about how to choose LED downlight manufacturers. Minghao Lighting Xiaobian suggested to consider the quality of an LED downlight from the following points.
First, the brightness of the LED downlight
The brighter the LED downlight, the better the LED downlight.
Second, LED tube light fade
The lower the light decay of the LED downlight, the better. The good LED downlight will not change much in two years, because the light bead and the light source and other materials are the best.
Third, the warranty period of LED downlights
The general LED downlight warranty is about two years, but the good LED downlight is dare to guarantee, the warranty is in three years.
Fourth, CCC certification
Everyone should have heard of CCC certification. The CCC-certified LED downlights are guaranteed.
The above four points are the method of selecting good LED downlights for everyone to summarize. You should polish your eyes. In addition, we understand the LED downlight products of Minghao Lighting. The LED downlights of Minghao Lighting adopt Philips light source. The products are tested layer by layer before leaving the factory, and all have CCC certification.

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