How to choose LED floodlights


LED floodlights are widely used in outdoor building lig […]

LED floodlights are widely used in outdoor building lighting, urban landscape lighting, airport terminal lighting, sports venues and even indoor warehouse lighting. In these areas, generally belong to the project bidding project, the quality requirements are relatively high. The quality of an LED floodlight directly affects the use experience of owners and users. However, at present, there are many LED floodlights shops in Ali, and the products are quite miscellaneous, the quality is uneven, and the price is far from the same. Once a client left a message on Wangwang saying that his eyes were all blossomed and he did not know which one to write to and which one to choose.

So, how to choose a good LED floodlight? What are the signs of a good LED floodlight?

1. Full power, high brightness

Unlike wall lamp pursuing RGB discoloration, control and so on, LED floodlights are generally used to illuminate the regional space, so sufficient power and high brightness are important performance indicators of floodlights, which directly affect the actual use effect. Look at brightness and power as much as possible before purchasing. Choose products that meet the brightness requirements. It should be noted that in the current LED lighting market, many businesses usually falsely label the power and brightness, and the actual power and brightness are difficult to achieve the nominal value. In addition, in order to save the cost of power supply, many manufacturers adopt the direct connection design. However, the design fails to pass. The power fluctuates greatly with the fluctuation of the voltage, and the brightness flickers with it. The subsequent practical use usually fails to meet the needs of the project.

Selection strategy: Choose products labeled as "full power", with larger power supply or regular large manufacturer.

2. Quality Assurance

Many LED floodlights are installed at high altitude, especially in the field of outdoor building lighting, product quality is very important. If the product breaks down in a few months or a year, it will cost a lot to replace the lights. Most companies prefer to pay higher prices for engineering lighting products rather than products without quality assurance. Special attention should be paid to check the qualifications of the company as far as possible, the time of establishment, the strength of the company, the size of the company, the number of employees and R&D personnel, and so on. In some parts of Zhongshan, some bad businessmen often change their company name after half a year to "start a new stove". These manufacturers do not recommend to buy even if the product is clearly guaranteed for three or five years.

Selection strategy: Select engineering lighting products labeled as "three-year warranty" and "patented products", and check the strength of the factory.

3. Waterproof grade

The common faults of LED floodlights are dead lights and power supply problems caused by water inflow. Businessmen with power supply problems generally can not see from the description of appearance and attributes, but the waterproof level can generally be seen in attributes.

Selection strategy: generally the higher the better, at least in IP65 above.

4. Angle adjustable

LED floodlights are usually used in complex environments, especially in the field of building lighting, different areas need different angles. Therefore, a good floodlight needs to have the quality of controllable irradiation area and adjustable angle, and it is better to have the function of single module adjustable angle.

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