How to choose led panel light What are the installation methods of led panel light


Indoor lighting is required when decorating the room. I […]

Indoor lighting is required when decorating the room. Installation of indoor lighting is generally carried out after the completion of the project. Indoor lighting not only needs to consider the lighting effect of the lighting, but also considers whether the lighting is coordinated with the overall decoration of the room. The LED panel light is one of the types of lamps commonly used in the room. The LED panel lights are not only soft and transparent, but also resistant to radiation, making them ideal for indoor use. Next, we will detail the LED panel lights.
How to choose LED panel light
The first is color temperature, which is divided into two types: warm and cool. If you choose LED panel lights for your bedroom and living area, we recommend that you choose a warm LED panel light. This light is similar to the skin tone, making it feel very warm and comfortable. Cool LED panel lights are best used in the kitchen and basement because they require bright light to find or work. In addition, this place is very interesting. You can choose the color of the LED panel light according to your personality and furniture decoration. Warm colors will make your bathroom easier, and cool colors will bring you “efficiency”. How to choose? You like it.
The second is the color rendering index, CRI, the English abbreviation of the color rendering index. Does it look tall? It's actually very simple, it is used to display the color of the light source. Know the color of the LED panel lights, in order to make accurate purchases, make your LED panel lights the most harmonious part of your home.
What are the installation methods of LED panel lights?
The first method is the simplest and most common method of installation: first take the ceiling, place the LED panel light driver on the side of the ceiling, connect the power cord, and then place the panel light on top. it is.
The second method is to hoist and use a hanging wire. First fix the four bases of the suspension wire to the roof, then screw the four suspension wires into the LED panel lights, and then pull the wire to adjust the height of the panel lights.
The third is hidden. First, draw the inner edge of the LED panel light conversion frame with a pen, then cut with a utility knife, then install the replacement frame to place the LED panel light driver, and finally insert the fixture into the conversion frame.
The fourth method is to install the ceiling. First, screw the LED panel light conversion frame to the concrete ceiling with screws, then connect the LED driver, and finally press the panel light into the conversion frame.
Above, we can see that we mainly analyze the LED panel lights. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that LED panel lights have a radiation-proof effect, so families with old people or children in the family. It is best to choose an LED panel light that is installed indoors. We mentioned the selection technology and installation method of LED panel lights today. We have already mentioned four ways that each person can use to install LED panel lights. You can get to know some options first. The right way.

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