How to distinguish the LED ultra-thin light is good or bad


As a representative of energy-saving lamps, LED ultra-t […]

As a representative of energy-saving lamps, LED ultra-thin flat lamps are small in size, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and have a very long service life, and are widely used in office places or homes. However, there are many kinds of integrated ceiling LED panel lights. We don't know how to distinguish the quality of LED ultra-thin panel lights. Let's take a look.

What is the split machine and the one machine?

The so-called all-in-one panel light is the LED ultra-thin flat light that is sealed, which can achieve a good moisture and waterproof effect, and the heat dissipation will be better. The LED ultra-thin panel light of Jujia Lighting is the sealed process LED lamp. There are a lot of LED ultra-thin panel lights that are split type. Such lamps not only have poor heat dissipation performance, but also do not last long.

Making material

The material of the LED ultra-thin flat panel LED track light has a great influence on the use time of the LED lamp. LED ultra-thin flat-panel lamps like Jujia Lighting use aluminum alloy anti-oxidation materials, so even if you use them in a humid environment, you don't have to worry about the damp LED ceiling light or leakage. There are a lot of LED ultra-thin flat lights that use iron, which makes it very easy to rust and even have the risk of electric leakage.

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