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How to judge the failure of the led panel lights starte […]

How to judge the failure of the led panel lights starter running force: Turn on the start switch, the starter rotates slowly and weakly, which makes the engine difficult, the speed is uneven, and the engine cannot be started.

In the cold season, due to the low temperature, the engine's negative moment is large, and the capacity of the battery is reduced. At this time, the starter is weak. However, in the case where the engine resistance torque is not particularly large, the starter is incapable of running, and after driving for a while, it can be started smoothly, indicating that the battery is insufficiently stored.

If the storage of the battery is sufficient, the connection between the various lines is good, and the engine resistance torque is not very large, the cold car and the hot car starter are running weakly, which is generally caused by the failure of the starter.

Remove the starter from the car and carry out the disassembly check. If the brush wears too much, the spring of the brush spring is insufficient, it should be replaced, the commutator should be dirty, the motor switch contact and the contact plate should be ablated.

Check whether the excitation winding or the armature winding has a short circuit, whether the starter bearing process is too loose, whether the armature core and the magnetic pole are in contact, etc., and repair or replace according to the fault condition.

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