Introduction of LED floodlights


The LED floodlight is a point source that can be unifor […]

The LED floodlight is a point source that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily and appears as a regular octahedron in the scene. Floodlights are one of the most widely used sources in renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be applied to the scene to produce better results. The floodlight is one of the most widely used light sources in the renderings. In the scene, multiple floodlights can be used to coordinate the effects to produce better results. It is to uniformly illuminate an object from a specific point in all directions.
Floodlights illuminate objects uniformly from a specific point in all directions.
Materials to be used: LED guardrail light clips, transformers with waterproof function, sub-controllers, the steps are as follows:
1. Install the guardrail and punch holes in the wall. The spacing is generally within 3 cm according to the actual requirements;
2, do anti-static measures, such as the workbench to be grounded, workers wear the corresponding electrostatic clothing, anti-static measures, because different grades of LED floodlights of different quality, anti-static ability is different;
3, installation attention to sealing, poor sealing, diameter affects the service life of LED floodlights;
4, LED floodlight wiring is best not more than 25 cm, the transformer power can be correspondingly longer, otherwise affect the brightness.
1, try to use the series LED form, because the LED floodlight voltage difference is special. The peak current of a common LED is maintained at 80 mA, and the reverse voltage is at or above 6 V. In LED applications, attention should be paid to the peak voltage and current at which the circuit is designed.
2, the use of voltage below 25 watts when soldering, soldering iron temperature control below 300 degrees Celsius exposed SMD LED at high temperature, do not squeeze its epoxy part, or wipe with a sharp hard object, because LED lamps are very fragile Very easy to damage, welding time is 3 seconds.
LED floodlights are widely used, so the installation tips and precautions are very important. LED is a new light source. Under the correct installation mode, it can ensure the stable operation of LED floodlights for a long time.

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