Learn some little things about LED lights


Most people think that the LED panel lights is just a v […]

Most people think that the LED panel lights is just a very simple light fixture, but what you don't know is that it has a very high market position, and the customer's other quality requirements are very good.

It involves many aspects, such as thermal, optics, structure, hardware, materials, electronics, etc., and its light source technology uses a new type of surface light source, the light is not only soft, but also very beautiful, very popular with customers.

As a new type of light source luminaire, LED panel light not only has a unique design, but also can form a uniform planar illuminating effect after passing through a light transmittance plate with high transmittance. The uniformity of illumination is not only uniform, but also very soft and can alleviate. Let the eyes fatigue. In addition, there is a good anti-radiation effect, which does not stimulate people, and belongs to green and environmentally friendly lamps.

Energy saving and environmental protection is a major feature of panel lights. LED panel light materials are environmentally friendly, low power consumption, luminous efficiency, lighting brightness, etc. are very good, and have a long service life.

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