LED ceiling light installation instructions


The LED ceiling light is a type of lighting fixture tha […]

The LED ceiling light is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling. It will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps. Its biggest feature is to maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration. It has the structural advantage of using the light source to hide the interior of the architectural decoration. The LED light source is not exposed and does not irritate the eye skin! Pay attention to the installation:
1. Due to the different forces on the ceiling, ceiling shed (such as ordinary wood, solid wood board, lime paste board, lime-coated cement, synthetic papaya ceiling, etc.), in some cases it is necessary to use screws to fix the luminaire.
2. Since the lighting is relatively heavy, please inform the relevant engineering personnel (such as electrician) to purchase the expansion screw bolt or the lengthening reinforcement screw according to the hardness of the ceiling when installing. Install the corresponding force screw.
3.LED ceiling light belongs to electrical products. Please install a professional electrician with experience and relevant documents to help install it, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. Please try the LED ceiling light before the fixed installation.
4. Before installing the LED ceiling light, the whole circuit must be inspected to avoid leakage and cause personal safety. Before installation, find a professional electrician to install it. Do not install it yourself.
5. Confirm the working voltage of the lamp. Before powering the lamp, please confirm whether the working voltage of the lamp is correct. If the voltage is incorrectly connected, the lamp may be permanently damaged.
6. Install the LED ceiling light to avoid installation at the heat source and hot steam, corrosive gas, so as not to affect the life.
7. Before installation, please cut off the power, turn off the switch, and also prevent electric shock. Please check whether the size of the mounting hole meets the requirements before installation and check whether the connection between the terminal and the power input cable is firm. If it is loose, please lock it before proceeding. Operation, otherwise the lamp may not be properly illuminated; check whether the lamp and the mounting surface are flat and fit. If there is a gap, please make appropriate adjustment. Packing specification: Inner packaging: small carton/single outer packaging: carton/12 transportation and storage requirements: LED ceiling lamp is packed in carton before installation. It is not allowed to be subjected to severe mechanical shock and exposure during transportation. Do not touch the bulb. surface. Try not to install it in places with heat and corrosive gases!

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