LED ceiling light introduction and technical characteristics


LED ceiling light is a new type of ceiling lamp designe […]

LED ceiling light is a new type of ceiling lamp designed and manufactured by aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity and patented structural technology. LED ceiling lights are widely used in commercial lighting, and the field of home lighting is slowly infiltrating. LED ceiling lamps use a wide range of specifications in commercial lighting (one LED lamp bead, the following analogy), three, five, seven, nine, twelve, fifteen, eight, twenty, 24, 30, 36, each lamp has a power of 1W, 3W. The various specifications are suitable for use, depending on the brightness, distance, and width of the installation.

Technical characteristics
Use of light source: All energy-saving and environmentally-friendly low-light decay LEDs are used as light sources to ensure long life, energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.
Anti-shock level: Level II
Power type: generally use external power supply
Light distribution type: narrow light (15 ° 30 °) wide light (45 ° 60 ° 90 °) optional, mainly related to the angle of the selected lens
Wiring method: terminal wiring
Installation location: indoor, and high-end venues.
Application place
It is suitable for key lighting places such as automobile display, jewelry, high-end clothing, professional window, counter, home, etc. It is an ideal light source to replace traditional tungsten halogen lamps and metal halide lamps.

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