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Why do factories need a good lighting environment? Beca […]

Why do factories need a good lighting environment?
Because the quality of the factory lighting design directly affects the worker's work efficiency, making work safer and more active, and then affecting the economic efficiency of the factory.
Good factory lighting design should meet the following two points: reasonable lighting methods and good lighting quality.
1. Reasonable lighting method:
• General lighting refers to lighting set up to illuminate the entire site without considering the needs of special parts.
• Local lighting is to meet the special needs of some parts of the room, and set the lighting mode of the lighting fixture within a certain range.
• Hybrid lighting is a combination of general lighting and local lighting.
2. Good lighting quality:
A good factory lighting design should have enough uniform light in the work area, high luminous flux, suitable color temperature, and reduce glare. Under the premise of ensuring good lighting quality, choosing a reasonable lighting method and appropriate illumination can save a lot of electricity costs and improve the economic efficiency of the company from the side.
Due to the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, and long life, industrial lamps using LED light sources are the key factors that determine the quality of the lighting design.
In today's increasingly tight energy environment, high energy efficiency is the general trend. High-quality industrial lighting products from Landvance can not only match multiple extreme application environments, ensure high energy efficiency, but also bring a more comfortable visual perception to the operating environment, which will help increase employee motivation, thereby increasing productivity and reducing errors. , Non-conforming products and accidents, significantly alleviating long-term work fatigue, allowing many enterprises to improve energy efficiency and performance simultaneously through lighting transformation.

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