LED panel light maintenance has to know things


LED panel lights is a kind of low-energy, environmental […]

LED panel lights is a kind of low-energy, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving luminaire. It is widely used in life and become the most common kind of luminaire in life. Some people often clean and maintain the luminaire for the sake of cleaning beauty, but the maintenance process Some people will not pay attention to the precautions. What should the LED panel lights need to pay attention to during the maintenance process?

Things to know about the maintenance of LED panel lights are as follows:

Note 1: Before cleaning the panel light, be sure to confirm that the power has been disconnected before cleaning the panel light.

Note 2: When cleaning the panel light, most people will wipe it with a semi-dry rag. This is not acceptable. Always wipe it with a dry rag.

Note 3: In order to achieve better cleaning results, some people will use chemically corrosive things to clean, which is a certain safety hazard.

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