Low-cost LED lamps wattage virtual standard due to the use of cheap chips


At present, the number of wattages of LED bulbs current […]

At present, the number of wattages of LED bulbs currently on the market is serious. Many businesses bluntly say that there are hundreds of LED lamp brands, and most of them are small workshops. The virtual wattage is normal. In addition, if you do not classify or not test, it is difficult for consumers, even businesses, to distinguish between imaginary bulbs.
Mark 4 watt bulbs Actual test is only 2 watts
“Bulbs always feel that the brightness is not enough when they buy them home.” The customer bought a 3 watt Savoy LED bulb in a wholesale market for a lamp. After using it, it found that the brightness was not as good as the 3 watt incandescent bulb. Then the light bulb was taken to a friend working in the quality supervision department and found that the actual power of the light bulb was only 2 watts, which was a serious virtual standard power data.
The salesperson said that "cheap is not enough wattage"
I saw many merchants have all kinds of advertising signs of "LED lamps". The LED bulb brands sold in almost every store are different, and the prices are very different. Take the 7-watt bulb as an example. Some brands sell for less than 10 yuan, and the brand sells for tens of dollars. From the outer packaging, there are both Chinese and English products.
The purchased Sevoy LED bulb has no certificate and 3C certification mark on the outer packaging. According to the merchant, each Saiwo bulb has two prices, the difference is whether the wattage is true. Take a 4 watt bulb as an example. The price of a product with a price of 10 yuan is slightly better, and the wattage can be basically achieved. The product with a price of 5 yuan cannot guarantee the wattage.
"This is very normal. The cheaper ones are not enough. This is very clear in our hearts. Anyway, the products can be used, that is, the brightness is different."
The price difference is mainly because the chip inside the LED bulb is different, the chip has good brightness and is durable; the chip is not good, the price is relatively cheap, but the actual number is not enough to mark the wattage, the brightness has obvious difference.
Try not to buy LED bulbs under 10 yuan. "If you mix them together, we can hardly distinguish them. Since the outer packaging of LED bulbs is the same, for the power is sufficient, not only customers do not know how to distinguish, if not according to the purchase price If the shelves are sold, even those dealers can't tell which are the good quality products and which are the defective products. Many brands are made by ordinary small workshops.” The person introduced, like Lixin, Delixi, Haizhi Li, Ouqi and other brands are all "unreliable" products produced by the southern workshop enterprises. Basically, one brand is changed every year, and the wattage is a virtual standard. How do consumers identify whether the wattage of the label is true when purchasing LED bulbs? Try not to buy products below 10 yuan, because most of these prices are imaginary wattage bulbs. "The cost of the chip is there, the cost of the 4 watt wick is about 3 yuan, and if the merchant sells 5 yuan, it must not be lost." Page 4: The error is more than plus or minus 10% is the virtual standard?
The industry said: the error exceeds plus or minus 10% as the virtual standard "virtual standard wattage has become the industry's unspoken rules." An industry insider who asked not to be named said that as a manufacturer, it is generally clear whether they are producing full-foot tiles. Number of LED bulbs. In order to earn the difference, the dealers prefer to purchase these defective products, and the consumer map is cheaper, so that such defective products have always been very marketable. According to the person, according to the relevant regulations, the power error of the LED bulb is within plus or minus ten percent, that is, if the product is marked with 3 watts, the bulb is actually between 2.7 watts and 3.3 watts. If this criterion is exceeded, it is a virtual standard fixture. However, because the cost of violations is too low, such defective products are difficult to thoroughly inspect.

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