Maintenance method of LED panel light


After buying back the LED lamps, don't be busy with the […]

  1. After buying back the LED lamps, don't be busy with the installation first, read the installation instructions carefully, and then install the LED lamps according to the installation instructions, otherwise danger may occur. 
  2. Do not change the structure of the LED lamps and lanterns during cleaning and maintenance, and do not change the components of the LED lamps at random. After maintenance, the lamps should be installed as they are, and the lamp parts should not be missed or installed incorrectly.
  3. Try not to switch frequently when using LED lighting. Although the resistance of LED lighting is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, too frequent will still affect the internal electronic components of LED lights.
  4. The installation position of LED panel light series products should be away from high temperature objects and easy to catch fire.
  5. Before cleaning the LED panel lights, you need to cut off the power to ensure absolute safety.
  6. Please use a dry or relatively dry cloth for cleaning. Do not use non-manufactured chemicals or corrosive things to clean the surface of the panel light.
  7. When leaving the office or room, please pay attention to cut off the power to maintain the life of the panel light.
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