Office lights are yellow or white


Because LED lamps have the characteristics of energy sa […]

Because LED lamps have the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and long life, they have firmly occupied the position of the lighting industry. Many lamps in the traditional lighting field have been replaced by LED lamps, the most obvious of which is the iteration of office LED panel lights. Is the office LED panel light good with yellow or white? What color temperature does the office LED panel light need?

Too low a color temperature is too comfortable, easy to get tired and sleepy, not suitable for use in long-working offices. Too high a color temperature is easy to excite and not suitable for long-term use (unless it is a night shift, it requires a high color temperature). Generally used for long-term work, the recommended color temperature of 3500 ~ 4500K, the standard product is generally selected 4000K.

Office LED panel lights need energy saving and high efficiency, lighting needs to be soft and comfortable, creating an efficient working atmosphere. At this time, white LED panel lights are needed, and the yellow LED panel lights are warm, quiet and historical.

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