Is the LED panel light suitable for the study?


Preserving natural light is important Study room is sui […]

  1. Preserving natural light is important

Study room is suitable for reading. The location of the building study room should be where the natural light can shine. Even if it is shared with other spaces, such as the master bedroom or living room corner, etc., it is better to locate the desk near the window.

In addition, you can adjust the brightness of the natural light source in the study through the planning of the blinds.

  1. The direct light source sets off the quiet atmosphere of the study

Direct lighting can avoid the visual glare damage caused by direct light, and turning on the light very much makes people feel a bit tired. I don't want to stay in this space for too long. It is not easy to gather. Therefore, in the planning study, it is best to use direct light sources, such as installing hidden light sources around the ceiling, so as to enhance the calm atmosphere of publishing. LED panel lights do not cause visual glare, so LED panel lights are a suitable choice.

  1. Add desk lamps to desks to enhance reading lighting

If you want to read at the desk, just direct light source is not enough, it is better to set up a table lamp in the upper left corner, and maybe set a LED lamp directly above it for accent lighting. Especially when there are children in the family, in addition to the planning of the desk must be adjusted with its height, it is best to use an electronic table in the part of the light source on the table, and it is best to try whether there will be a flash The situation happens, once the light flashes, it is best to change the bulb or a new table lamp.

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