What are the advantages of led flying saucer lights?


(1) small size In traditional Chinese thought, the grea […]

(1) small size
In traditional Chinese thought, the greater the value, the greater the value. But today's habits and mainstream design ideas are moving closer to simple and easy words. Just like the phones we can't live without, we are increasingly designed to be thinner. Leave all the space on the screen, this is the main function.
The same is true for the led flying saucer lamp. The volume of the lamp is much smaller than that of the conventional light bulb, and the main purpose is the "light". Moreover, the small size and light weight have several advantages. 1 Saving logistics freight, because industrial lamps are large and heavy, and logistics transportation has always been a huge cost. 2 Light weight, the process of installing lights is easier for workers. 3 The higher the installation height of the high-altitude lights, the more the lighting lamps, the more the lamp beam structure, if there is a problem, the connecting part is prone to problems. Serious security incidents.
(2) High luminous efficiency
The light effect of led flying saucer is generally above 100lm/w, which means higher brightness and better energy saving effect.
(3) Good heat dissipation and long life
Industrial lights will illuminate for a long time and generate a lot of heat. If the heat is not good, it is easy to shorten the service life. If the cooling method is simple
As for the long service life of those manufacturers, it is doubtful whether it is effective.

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