What are the characteristics and uses of led industrial and mining lights


Nowadays, there are a lot of lighting fixtures on the m […]

Nowadays, there are a lot of lighting fixtures on the market. Our consumers often do not know where to start when buying, so we should have some general understanding of the product before purchasing LED lighting fixtures. LED industrial and mining lights are no exception. When purchasing led industrial and mining lights, you need to start from several aspects.
LED industrial and mining lights can be used in factory workshops, school classrooms, libraries, large conference rooms, large shopping malls, sports fields, subway stations, train stations and dangerous areas. It is especially suitable for high-risk and difficult places where changing lamps and expensive maintenance costs.
The led industrial and mining lamp adopts a high-strength die-cast aluminum housing, a die-cast aluminum radiator, an efficient reflection cover, and external electrostatic thermoplastic spray coating, which is corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, and durable.
Features: LED industrial and mining lights adopt a transparent structure design and optimized heat dissipation structure to ensure the life of the lamp. The light body uses light alloy material, special sealing and surface coating treatment to ensure that the lamp will never be exposed to harsh environments such as humidity and high temperature. Corrosion, never rust, using crystal lens for light distribution to meet the lighting needs of different occasions.
Uses: Suitable for factory or industrial, mining and industrial enterprises, petroleum, chemical workshops, factory buildings, warehouses, highway toll stations, gas stations, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, smelting and other flammable and explosive places for flood or flood lighting.

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