What are the colors of the LED light frame


The color of the LED panel lights frame, the most commo […]

The color of the LED panel lights frame, the most common is white. What kind of white is specific, if the customer has specific requirements, of course, the customer's request shall prevail. If the customer does not ask for it, gypsum white is generally used. This is because the LED panel lights are generally mounted on the ceiling, and the surrounding is the gypsum board. When the gypsum white color is used together with the gypsum board, the overall feeling will be more harmonious.

In addition to white, the LED panel light frame is more common with aluminum color processing. The color processing does not mean that after the aluminum material is pulled out, what is done or not, it will be shipped to the customer according to the original color. Although some manufacturers who do low prices will do so, such products have problems in appearance. . What we mean by the treatment of aluminum is that after the aluminum is brushed or sandblasted, it is oxidized to form a silver-like effect with a brushed or sandblasted pattern.

If it doesn't feel too real, you can compare the outer shell of the Apple phone with the effect of sandblasting. Sandblasting makes people feel more gentle and gentle.Whether it is drawing or sandblasting, the last step is to do oxidation treatment. The oxidation treatment is to form an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum to ensure that the aluminum material is as new as ever.

Without oxidizing the aluminum, after a while, the surface will be dull and black.Compared with gypsum white, the LED panel light frame of aluminum color processing is more scientific and technological. In the specific use, the user should consider the overall style of the decoration, everything is to be in harmony with the environment.

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