What are the misunderstandings of home lighting?


Nowadays, it is always a lot of money to wear hard clot […]

Nowadays, it is always a lot of money to wear hard clothes at home. Everyone is more concerned about the decoration. But when asked about the lights, many people will say that there are some good lights, buy a few headlights, several LEDs. Downlights, it’s not a good thing to install them. However, this idea is a big mistake. The lights can not only bring light to everyone, but also adjust the indoor atmosphere. But if the lights are not used well, it will not only bring light pollution to everyone. It will also affect everyone's health.
Therefore, when decorating the home, the lighting design should not be neglected. The lighting design is very important. The important lighting is not simply lighted or good-looking. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand the home lighting misunderstandings.
1. I often hear people say that if you want to be warm at home, you should use warm color temperature. So many people use too much warm light. In fact, this is not suitable. Warm light can create a warm lighting environment, but the color temperature. The lower is not conducive to work and reading, it should be set according to different functions, different color temperature, the combination of warm light and cold light is reasonable.
2, some people's living room is very dark, the living room should be a brighter place, otherwise the whole house will appear dim, the light in the living room is essential
3, there are people in order to pursue the brightness, the home installed a lot of LED downlights or lights wattage selection is very high, in fact, this is not right, not only will waste resources, but also bad for the eyes, easy to cause emotional irritability.
4, some people in the selection of lights, see colorful and weird lights are installed at home, regardless of the reasonable lighting needs of the home, the color of the lights is too chaotic, not only damage the vision, but also interfere with the brain.
5, when there are people, when the lights are installed, the contrast between light and dark is too strong, affecting the visual experience for a long time, causing visual fatigue, and uniform illumination is an important part of the comfortable environment.
These are some common home lighting mistakes, I hope to help everyone, make reasonable arrangements for home lighting, create a healthy and comfortable living environment, let the lights shine our lives.

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