What factors should be paid attention to for good LED flat light office lighting?


Generally speaking, the lighting environment under good […]

Generally speaking, the lighting environment under good LED flat light is related to three factors.

1. The primary factor of good lighting is the visual comfort caused by LED panel light. If the light of an environment makes people feel uncomfortable, it is certainly not appropriate. This factor, specific to lamps, needs to be reflected in two aspects: one is the color rendering of LED panel lights. The higher the color rendering, the closer the color of the object under the light is to the real color of the object itself.

One is whether the illumination of the whole place is even under the LED panel light. Whether the illuminance is uniform or not is related to the consistency and coordination of the whole lighting effect, and it is also an important factor of light comfort.

2. The second related factor of good lighting is the visual atmosphere of LED panel lights. Visual atmosphere, in the specific LED panel lights, is reflected from three aspects. One is the color temperature of the light. Different areas in the lighting place need different atmosphere, which can be created by different color temperature lights. For example, in the rest area, you need to relax. At this time, you can use a 3000K or so warm white light color temperature flat lamp to illuminate. In the office area, people need to focus on it. They can use 4000K color temperature natural white light, or 6000K color temperature cold white LED flat light to illuminate. Another factor reflecting the atmosphere is the projection direction of the light, the projection direction of the light, and the key lighting, general lighting and other different areas. Create a different lighting atmosphere. The third factor related to visual atmosphere is the shape of lamps and lanterns. The shape of lamps and lanterns, whether it can give people aesthetic feeling, whether it matches with the decoration style, is also the key to the overall atmosphere.

3. The third factor to judge whether the lighting of LED panel lamp is good is the execution degree of vision under the light. The execution degree of vision under LED panel light is reflected in two aspects: illumination and glare limitation. Obviously, if the illuminance is high enough, you can see things clearly at a glance. If the illuminance is not enough, you can't see clearly. Of course, you can't find things. Glare is another aspect. If the glare limit is good enough, people under the LED flat panel will not be blinded, and the visual performance will be better.
Whether the lighting of an environment is good is closely related to the lighting lamps used. And LED panel lamp, how to create a better lighting environment through the characteristics of the lamp itself, you will naturally have a definite experience after using duo'en lighting flat lamp.

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