What is the problem caused by poor heat dissipation performance of LED light strip


The main thing of LED lamp is heat dissipation. If the […]

The main thing of LED lamp is heat dissipation. If the temperature of the light source is too high, the temperature of the subsequent whole lamp must be too high. This will certainly cause the led to flash or damage.
No matter what kind of light source is used for lighting, it is inevitable to deal with the problem of heat dissipation. The problem of heat dissipation of lighting fixtures has been paid more and more attention, because the working temperature of light source is closely related to its working life. LED lighting source, while electric energy is converted into light energy, a considerable part of electric energy is also converted into heat energy. The research on the heat dissipation of LED lighting mainly focuses on the packaging of LED and the heat dissipation structure of lamps.
We often use single color LED light strips. Now there are many kinds: seven color LED light strips, slide color LED light strips, single color LED light strips, dual color temperature led light strips, etc. with the continuous development of society, the advantages of environmental protection lighting of LED lights are also growing, but the heat dissipation of light strips is not good, and there will be the following problems directly, so we need to know more when choosing light strips Today, let's briefly talk about the problems caused by poor heat dissipation performance of LED light strips:
1. The direct impact is that the poor heat dissipation directly reduces the service life of LED lamps: because LED lamps convert electric energy into visible light, there is a problem of conversion rate, which can not completely convert electric energy into light energy. According to the law of energy conservation, redundant electric energy is converted into heat energy. If the heat dissipation structure design of LED lamps is unreasonable, this part of heat energy can not be eliminated quickly, then because the LED package volume is relatively small, a large amount of heat energy will be accumulated in LED lamps, resulting in a reduction of life.
2. Cause material quality decline: generally, when electronic equipment is used for a long time, some materials are easy to oxidize. With the rise of LED lamp bar temperature, these materials are oxidized repeatedly at high temperature, the quality will decline and the service life will be shortened. At the same time, because of the switch, the lamps cause many times of thermal expansion and contraction, which makes the strength of the material destroyed.
3. Overheating causes electronic device failure: This is a common fault of semiconductor heat source. When the temperature of LED light bar rises, the electrical impedance increases, resulting in the increase of current, resulting in the increase of heat. Such reciprocating cycle, more and more heat, will cause overheating and damage of electronic components, resulting in electronic failure.
4. The material of the lamp is deformed due to overheating: the LED lamp strip is composed of several parts. Different materials are used in different parts. The dimensions of thermal expansion and cold contraction of these materials are different. When the temperature rises, some materials will expand and bend due to overheating. If the distance between adjacent parts is too small, the two parts will be squeezed, and the parts will be damaged seriously.
When we buy LED light strips, we still need to consider the problem of LED heat dissipation, so that the service life of the LED light strips we buy is longer.

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