What issues do you need to pay attention to when choosing a wall lamp?


Wall lamps are mostly installed in balconies, stairs, c […]

Wall lamps are mostly installed in balconies, stairs, corridors and bedrooms, suitable for long-lights; color-changing wall lamps are mostly used for festivals and festive occasions; most of the bedside wall lamps are installed at the upper left of the bed, and the lamp head can be rotated universally. Concentrated and easy to read; the front wall lamp is mostly decorated near the mirror of the bathroom.
 The wall lamp installation height should be slightly higher than the eye level of 1.8 meters. The illumination of the wall lamp should not be too large, so it is more artistically appealing. The choice of the wall lamp cover should be based on the color of the wall. The white or creamy wall should be light green, light blue shade, lake green and sky blue wall. It is advisable to use a milky white, light yellow, and brown lampshade. In this way, a large-color one-color wall covering is embellished with a prominent wall lamp, giving a sense of elegance and freshness.
The wire connecting the wall lamp should be light-colored, so that it can be painted with the same color as the wall to keep the wall clean. In addition, you can first dig a small slot in the wall that is just embedded in the wire, embed the wire, fill it with lime, and apply the same paint as the wall.
When buying a wall light, first look at the quality of the light itself. The lampshade is usually made of glass and the bracket is typically made of metal. The lampshade mainly depends on whether the light transmittance is suitable, and the pattern and color of the surface should correspond to the overall style of the living room. Whether the metal is corrosion-resistant, whether the color and gloss are bright and full is an important indicator for checking the quality.
 Led line lamp manufacturers recommend to buy notes: wall style specifications should be coordinated with the installation site, such as large rooms can be double fire wall lights, small rooms can be single fire wall lights. The color of the wall lamp is coordinated with the color of the installed wall. The thickness of the wall lamp should be coordinated with the environment of the installation site. If the surrounding area is large, the thick wall lamp can be selected; if the wall is narrow, the thin wall lamp can be selected. The wall light source power should be consistent with the purpose of use. The wall lamp installation height is slightly higher than the human head.

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