What led flat lights and LED panel lights should be used in the living room?


The living room lamp in the whole room decoration has p […]

The living room lamp in the whole room decoration has played the role of the finishing point, too complex modeling, too complex colors, are not suitable for decoration design of the simple room, this will increase the sense of crowding. It is not suitable to install chandelier in the room with the floor height of less than 2.8 meters. Only the ceiling lamp can make the room appear higher and make people feel more lively and generous. In addition, the living room as the host reception place, the light needs to be bright, in order to make people more happy.
How to choose the living room LED flat lamp? The choice of LED flat lamp directly affects the beauty. So what kind of flat panel lamp should be chosen for living room lighting? Let's talk with you today:
According to the size of the living room, choose different sizes of LED panel lights:
In the living room of 30-45 square meters, you can choose 54W white LED panel light. The diameter of lamps and lanterns should be about 1500px, which will make you look great;
The living room of 20-30 square meters needs 36W white LED panel lamps, and the diameter of lamps should not be less than 1250px;
For the small living room with less than 20 square meters, 24W white LED panel lamp is enough for lighting demand, and the lamp diameter is about 1000px.


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