Why are some LED flat lights not bright enough?


As a kind of lighting product LED flat lamp, most of th […]

As a kind of lighting product LED flat lamp, most of them, after buying enough, depend more on feeling whether the lamp is bright enough. Because the user does not have the appropriate test equipment, it is impossible to determine how much light an LED flat lamp emits from the digital data such as luminous flux and illuminance. Therefore, it is difficult for users of LED flat lamp to determine whether the LED flat lamp they bought is bright enough. So the LED flat light is not bright enough
What is the reason for this? Today, LED light strip factory popularizes the following:
The first reason for not being bright enough is that the lamp beads are not good. When the manufacturer uses low-quality lamp beads, the brightness of the lamp beads is lower than the design requirements, and after the reduction of the light guide plate diffusion plate, the brightness of the whole lamp is far from the design data. Many LED panel lamp factories either do not have testing equipment for the whole lamp, or have tests, but in order to save costs, they also do so. In the standard product parameters, directly use the luminous flux data of the lamp beads * the data of the lamp beads, as the luminous flux data of the whole lamp to tell consumers. In theory, it seems to meet the requirements of LED panel lighting, but users are not the same in actual use.
Another reason why the panel light is not bright enough is the false power mark. When buying LED flat lamp, users can only look at the label on the lamp and the printing on the outer package, so as to determine the power, light color, luminous flux and other technical parameters of the lamp, some of which are incomplete. After taking it home and using it for a month and two months, once you look at the electricity fee, there is electricity saving, but you don't know. In fact, the lamp is labeled 40W, actually only 30W. In the early stage of production or when samples are sent out, the relevant LED panel lamp manufacturers use the driving power with sufficient power, while in the mass production, they use the virtual standard power supply. These power supplies are unlicensed and have no certificate. The above parameter manufacturers mark the virtual standard disorderly. It seems that the certification is complete, but once the certificate query is required, they cannot take it out Yes. The lamp that should have emitted 40W light actually only emitted 30W light. The certification that should have passed originally is just a talk. This kind of power saving is at the cost of reducing the space brightness. Such LED panel lights are not recommended.

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