Why do LED lamps produce heat? How to heat the LED panel?


Like traditional light sources, semiconductor light emi […]

Like traditional light sources, semiconductor light emitting diodes (LEDs) generate heat during operation, which depends on the overall luminous efficiency. Under the action of external electric energy, the radiation of electrons and holes combined to produce electroluminescence. The light radiated from the PN junction needs to pass through the semiconductor medium and packaging medium of chip itself to reach the outside (air). Combined with the current injection efficiency, the quantum efficiency of radiation and luminescence, and the efficiency of light removal from the outside of the chip, only 30-40% of the input electric energy is converted into light energy, and the rest 60-70% of the energy is mainly converted into heat energy in the form of non radiation compound lattice vibration.
With the increase of chip temperature, the non radiation recombination will be enhanced and the luminous efficiency will be further weakened. Because, people subjectively think that high-power LED has no heat, in fact it does. So much heat that problems occur during use. In addition, many people who use high-power LED for the first time do not know how to solve the thermal problem effectively, which makes the product reliability become the main problem.
Methods of LED flat panel heat dissipation:
The first is the 5050 lamp with conventional cooling mode. This kind of conventional way is to use the heat conduction piece that we often use to radiate heat to the LED lamp. However, as it uses ordinary heat conduction film, so the thermal conductivity is general, the LED lamp's heat dissipation is not so awesome.
The second is liquid heat conduction. This is a kind of heat dissipation method which was developed by a semiconductor research institute in Guangdong Province. This method has a great contribution to solve the heat dissipation problem of LED lamp with high power and small volume.
The third way: heat pipe. This way of using heat pipe to heat led hard light strip is similar to our computer CPU. But in this way, the volume of LED will become larger and heavier.


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