How to choose high-end atmospheric led lights


How to choose the LED panel lights is like the shopping […]

How to choose the LED panel lights is like the shopping guide. In fact, how to choose and purchase LED panel lights needs to be combined with your own needs. For example, you can consider how to integrate into the overall decoration atmosphere you need. In all the purchase considerations, it is nothing more than the following. Several factors are our main focus:

Concern one: LED panel light design

Today's LED panel lights are designed to keep pace with the times, such as: simple and elegant, perfect flow design, lightweight and ultra-thin design.

Concern two: LED panel light performance

When it comes to performance, it is necessary to look at the outer casing of the panel light, which is generally made of aluminum alloy shell material (effectively solves the problem of heat dissipation of the LED panel light). The power of the panel light is longer, the light-emitting effect is better, and the material can be recycled, so it is more environmentally friendly.

Concern three: LED panel light brightness

Light color needs to be stable and long-lasting, no stroboscopic.

Concern four: LED panel light power supply

Whether to use the DC panel light power supply, the DC power supply can effectively guarantee the life of the panel light.

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