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First, the advantages of led lights Led lights are so p […]

First, the advantages of led lights
Led lights are so popular because they have many advantages that other lamps do not have.
1. The design of the led lamp adopts the design mode of secondary optics. We will illuminate the light of the led lamp into the area of ​​the required illumination, which can make the illumination more efficient. Therefore, in many places, we are willing to choose to use the led lamp. The LED of the led lamp is a low-voltage device, and the voltage is safe to use, and it is particularly suitable for use in public places.
2, led light's light decay is very small, the service life is also very long, led lights in the use of more than 10 years still have high use value, and it can use more than 50,000 hours, they are in the process of continuous use for one year The light decay will not exceed 3%.
3, the light source of the led light is unidirectional, and there will be no diffuse reflection to ensure the efficiency of the light.
Second, the shortcomings of led lights
Although led lights have many advantages, but perfect things have their own shortcomings, and led lights also have certain shortcomings. The disadvantages of led lights are as follows:
1, although the light decay of led is very low, but this is basically for the high-power LED lights, and the light fade of the low-power LED lights is still relatively large, and the use of this low-power LED lights is far away. There is no high power lamp for a long time.
2. The light source of the led lamp is white light. Due to the individual defects in the manufacturing process and the matching error of the lens, it is easy to form a yellow circle when the LED lamp is used. This yellow ring will affect the illumination of the lamp. effect.
3. Mercury pollution during production and after use. This mercury pollution has great harm to the natural environment. At present, Western countries attach great importance to mercury pollution, and many people in China are increasingly aware of the dangers of mercury pollution.
4, in fact, this led lamp is also very easy to damage, short life, energy saving but not saving money is the most true portrayal of led lights.

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