Led downlight wattage How many watts should be used in clothing store LED downlights


Led downlight wattage Now more and more clothing stores […]

Led downlight wattage Now more and more clothing stores have abandoned the most original incandescent or energy-saving lamps, and choose to use LED downlights to do the main lighting of the store. Because the light emitted by the LED downlight is better than the light from the incandescent and energy-saving lamps, and the beauty of the clothes is increased, and the range of the LED downlight is larger than that of the incandescent lamp and the energy-saving lamp, then we install the LED downlight in the clothing store. How many wattages should I use?
How many watts should be used for clothing store LED downlights?
The choice of LED downlight wattage is more based on the size of the storefront and whether there are other lighting fixtures in the store (such as LED spotlights, LED track lights, etc.), all if you want to know how big your clothing store should be. The wattage of LED downlights, you can consult Xiaobian, the small size of your store area has been informed, Xiaobian to give you an exact calculation.
We all know that the illuminance requirement of general commercial photos is in the range of 300lx-500lx per square meter, and then the wattage can be calculated by the height and quantity of LED downlights installed according to our needs. Many people may be a little confused. Below I will directly list the data corresponding to the 220v LED downlight wattage and lumens for your reference.
220V LED downlight wattage corresponding to lm data, lx = lm / area

10W - 65lm


25W - 198lm

40W - 340lm

60W - 540lm

100W - 1050lm

150W - 1845lm

200W - 2660lm

300W - 4350lm

500W - 7700lm

1000W - 17000lm

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