Led panel lighting installation method


1.led panel light installation - bracket fixed type (1) […]

1.led panel light installation - bracket fixed type
(1) First make a few screw holes in the ceiling. This needs to be measured in advance to be jealous, and then it is best to mark it in the corresponding place, pay attention to the depth of the hole and the distance between the holes.
(2) Slide the LED panel light into the ceiling frame, then install it on the ceiling. You need to fix it on three sides, then slide the panel light into the fixed slide-in mounting frame.

When the predetermined position is reached, the fourth side of the panel is screwed and the frame is fixed.
2.led panel light installation - wire hanging type
(1) Fix the hanging wire mounting on the ceiling first, and lock the screw in the corresponding position. After the hanging wire is vertical, the component is suspended on the back of the LED panel light.
(2) If you encounter a place in the installation process, you can read the manual first, then follow the prompts, or consult the customer online, it will give you an accurate answer.

3.led panel light installation - embedded
(1) Install the sheet metal slot on the predetermined position of the ceiling, and then fix several brackets protruding outward on the back of the LED panel fixture, and place the panel lights accordingly. As long as the strength of the hand is fixed, it must be placed.
(2) Let the bracket and the sheet metal groove on the ceiling completely match, and then fix it on the ceiling with the used screws. Because of the different thickness of the ceiling, there are some differences, so it is necessary to adjust the gap between the lamp surface and the bracket appropriately. Height, otherwise it is easy to cause the LED panel lights to be installed, there are high and low levels that are not in the same horizontal plane.
Second, LED panel light installation precautions
1. When taking out from the LED panel light box, check the integrity of the LED panel light, whether the accessories are complete, check the model, be sure to look carefully.
2. When installing the LED panel light, do not use it with flammable materials, try to be farther away, or keep the interval of 0.2m.
3. The wiring behind the lamp can be fixed with the wire clamp, but it must be fixed and strong. Do not fall after use, which is very dangerous.
4. The power cord of the luminaire should have sufficient length to avoid the tension or tangential force and easily damage it.
5. After the device is installed, connect the low-voltage plug of the lamp and the low-voltage plug of the switch power supply to the input end of the lamp and the switch. Do not connect incorrectly and do insulation treatment.
In summary, this article tells you how to install the led panel light, first check the actual installation environment, and then select the corresponding LED panel light installation method for the environmental conditions. If you can choose it at will, then use your best method. In the installation of led panel lights, pay attention to the installation details, such as the corresponding position of the wiring, can not be wrong, but also connected well, otherwise the real lighting can not be used.

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