What are the advantages of LED panel lights?


Summary of the current LED panel lights have the follow […]

Summary of the current LED panel lights have the following advantages
1. LED panel light adopts liquid crystal backlight technology and unique heat dissipation design to ensure high LED efficiency, low light decay and long life.
2. No ultraviolet or infrared rays, no harm to the object being illuminated.
3, the surface is smooth and bright, evenly lit, soft and not glare.
4, 100~240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. The startup time is short and does not flash.
5, easy to install, environmentally friendly, safe, and no pollution.
6, stable performance, low maintenance rate, versatility, easy to install and save space.
At present, there are still problems to be considered when using the panel light. Although the LED panel light has many advantages such as glare and uniform illumination, it is still a long time to replace the grille lamp. The problem is:
1. Light effect: Because the backlight is used, the light extraction efficiency is low, and the light output efficiency of the ordinary light guide plate is 50~60%. Therefore, to achieve the brightness requirement, the power is high, the power is high, and the energy is not saved.
2, the price: due to the need to increase the brightness, so the number of LEDs, the heat can not be too small, plus the high price of the light guide itself, so the price does not have much advantage.
3, weight: this is the reason, the raw materials are solid prices, certainly not light
Therefore, the author thinks that it takes a little time for the LED panel light to be used in a large amount, but due to its uniformity and aesthetics, the follow-up will become the mainstream.
Industry perspective
After the LED panel lights are fully competitive, the price will be close to the market's large-scale use threshold. However, if the market popularization work is not in place, the technical bottleneck has not been effectively broken, and the product innovation is not enough, which will greatly affect the replacement of LED panel lights with traditional grille lamps and downlights. Faced with the current development of the LED panel light industry, it can effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.
LED panel light is a successful innovation in the LED era

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