What are the structural uses of led clean and clean panel lights


LED purification panel light structure: 1. Shell: It is […]

LED purification panel light structure:

1. Shell: It is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated by anodizing sandblasting. It has anti-corrosion, dustproof, anti-static, anti-rust, non-stick, easy to clean, etc. It is bright and new for many years.

2. Purification lamp shade: the use of impact resistance, anti-aging PS, milky white light, transparent color brightness is particularly good. The product has strong corrosion resistance and high impact resistance. It is not easy to change color when used for many years.

3. Purification lamp electrical: LED purification panel lamp uses external constant current regulated power supply, product conversion rate is high, no stroboscopic.

4. Ceiling-mounted installation: LED purification panel lamp adopts ceiling-mounted installation method, LED purification panel lamp can be fixed by screw and color steel plate, the product is installed firmly, that is, it does not damage the strength structure of color steel plate, and it can effectively isolate dust from the dust. The installation falls into the clean room.

LED purification panel lamp use: This LED purification panel light lamp is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, bio-chemical industry, electronics factory, food processing industry, etc..

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