How to do the lighting design for children's room?


Children's rooms are generally places where children le […]

Children's rooms are generally places where children learn, play, and rest, and are the places where children stay the longest. A children's room with superior environment has a great influence on the growth of children. Therefore, when decorating children's rooms, parents should consider the decoration style of children's room, but also pay attention to the lighting design of children's room. The lighting design of the children's room will affect the comfort of the children's room, so what should the children's room lighting design do?
1, children's room lighting to avoid the direct lighting of the stimulation, try to use soft lighting, soft lighting will make the room more cozy and comfortable, so that children can easily peace of mind.
2, children's room lighting design to protect children's vision, choose an eye-protection LED downlight is very necessary, children are in the growth and development period, the eyes are more sensitive, therefore, parents should choose a quality for their children Good eye protection.
3. For children, learning is the most important task at this stage. It is essential to have a table lamp with no direct glare, no stroboscopic light and high color rendering index, which can alleviate the burden on children's eyes.
4, the children's room is best to use natural light, natural light will make the child's eyes more comfortable, and vice versa, the family lighting will always make the child feel tired, resulting in the child's lack of energy, thus affecting the health of the body.
5, children's room for the choice of lamps also need to consider comprehensive, it is best to choose lamps that can adjust the brightness, both convenient and save resources.
6, the children's room must pay attention to whether the power outlet is safe. A typical power outlet is uncapped and not safe enough. Choose a socket that has a safety cover or that can be automatically closed by unplugging the power hole.
The lighting design of the children's room is a university question. It must conform to the overall decoration style, be safe and environmentally friendly, and have a beautiful appearance. In short, there are many factors to consider. Parents must consider the child and fully consider the child's personality. Demand and growth needs to create a comfortable light environment for children.

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